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Federation Internationale Feline - FIFe 

The oldest felinological organization in Europe. It was founded in France in 1949 by the efforts of Frenchwoman Madame M. Ravel under the name United Nations Organization of the Cat Fancy, which means "United Nations Cat Lovers".


The association of clubs from different countries into a single organization aimed at regulating and stabilizing the spontaneous and fragmented felinological movement in European countries.

Initially, European organizations included cat lovers from 27 countries. Together, we developed and adopted the Charter, a list of recognized breeds and color variations of cats, breed standards, exhibition rules, training procedures for experts, i.e. developed a package of documents required for any solid organization.


In 1981, the International Organization was registered in Geneva under the other name Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe).

In 1998, the FIFe Charter was officially re-registered in Luxembourg. Thus, FIFe is subject to the civil code of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in particular, the law of April 1928, and the general biological principles are the basis of the selection requirements.

FIFe Governing Bodies: The highest legislative body of FIFe is the FIFe General Assembly, which convenes annually at the end of May in various FIFe member countries. The democratic structure of FIFe guarantees equal rights for each member organization of FIFe when voting at meetings of the General Assembly.


FIFe General Assembly:


considers and discusses the proposals put forward by its members;

accepts new or changes existing rules;

elects and re-elects the new FIFe leadership: Council and Commissions; Discusses new instructions and develops overall organization strategies. To coordinate activities, the General Assembly elects the composition of the Council of six members from the member organizations of FIFe and administers the FIFe in accordance with the adopted Constitution, as well as the decisions of the FIFe General Assembly. These are the Judge-Tribal Commission, the Exhibition Commission, the Disciplinary Commission and the Cat Health and Well-being Commission. FIFe Executive Board

Honorary President - Mrs. Alva Uddin (Sweden)

President - Mrs. Annettee Sjodin (Sweden)

Secretary General - Mr. Eric Reijers (Czech Republic)

Treasurer - Mr. L. V.d. Haterd (Holland)


Today, FIFe is:


    39 federations and clubs from 41 countries of the world including non-Europe (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Israel).

    With the exception of Ireland, all countries of the European Economic Community (EEC) are represented in FIFe.

200 experts of the international category

    20 national category experts

    150 expert students

    75,000 individual members of FIFe member clubs

    Registration of 80,000 cats and 2,000 cattery annually

    350 exhibitions and 125,000 exhibitors annually


Official FIFe Website

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