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The Felinological Association of Moldova "Felis Moldova" invites you to participate in the XIX-XX International FIFe licensed cat show “Purina Cup -2024”, to be held in Chisinau (Moldova).

Cat Show location: str. Calea Prheiului 130 , Chisinau, ARENA-CHISINAU
The general sponsor of the Cat Show is the Purina brand.

Judges invited:
Mrs. Helena Wittwer - all breed (CH)
Mrs. Olga Komissarova - all breed (EE)
Mrs. Tatyana Moraru-Puranen - 3, 4 cat. (FI)

Applications for participation in the exhibitions are accepted by advance payment until March 01 2024, on-line

Only for unregistered users (not recommended) applications here:

Tel.: +373-69150407 (Viber)

Apply only from a personal computer. Registration for the Cat Exhibition, which will be held in Chişinău, is carried out via the electronic form on the corresponding link only with DESKTOP devices

(NOTE: mobile devices do not perform well with successful registration according to the established rules) ‎.

The application is considered accepted if you received a confirmation to the e-mail address you specified.
Applications are not accepted at the Cat Show, animals listed in the catalog no younger than 4 months of age can participate in the Cat Show. Violators of the rules will be removed from the exhibition and the results of the exhibition will be canceled.
The organizer reserves the right not to accept the application without explanation.

Veterinary requirements:
Vaccinations against viral diseases and rabies are required 1-11 months before the exhibition.
Veterinary certificate F-1 for nonresident is required!!!
Those wishing to be stewards must apply no later than March 1.

Detailed information by phone:
+ 373-77829749 (Viber, WhatsAp)
+ 737-79703333 (Viber, WhatsAp)
+373-69117457 (Viber, WhatsAp)

Hotel accommodation (cats allowed):

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